Pre-Trip Information

Pre-trip Information for Anglers traveling to Brazil
For: Yacht Trips -OR- Floating Safari Camps 

Thank you for choosing Amazon River Adventures, LLC for your exotic fishing trip to Brazil.  The following information should help you prepare for your Peacock Bass fishing trips for any of our destinations in Brazil, and  it contains information regarding your travel documents, Brazilian visa, flight reservations, inoculations, personal clothing and travel items, and Peacock Bass fishing equipment.

Travel to Brazil

  • Brazil: is a stable and friendly country and travel to Brazil is safe and enjoyable.  The Brazilian currency is the Real (pronounces “Hay-eyes”, plural) and can be exchanged in the airports, banks, and hotels in Manaus.  Our English-speaking staff will meet you upon your arrival in the Manaus Airport and see to your every need throughout your trip in Brazil.
  • Passport: A valid passport is required for travel to Brazil.  Your passport must have an expiration date of at least 6 months past your return date from your trip to Brazil.  If you do not already have a valid passport, you should obtain an application and begin the process as soon as possible.  Normal processing time of a passport application is approximately 6-8 weeks.  You may obtain a passport application through your local post office.
  • Brazil Tourist Visa: A Brazilian Visa is required for travel to Brazil.  You may apply for your Visa after purchasing your airline tickets.  The 90-day waiting period is no longer in effect!   You will find an instructional sheet regarding the process of obtaining your Brazilian Visa located in your booking package.
  • Air Travel: When flying internationally, we recommend that you arrive at the departure airport at least 2-3 hours prior to your scheduled international departure to Manaus in order to have ample time to process your tickets and check your bags.

Please reconfirm your international flight times because these are subject to change without notice!

We recommend that you personally carry your bags from your U.S. flight to the ticket counter for your connecting flight to Brazil, and check them in instead of checking them from your home all the way to Manaus.  On occasion, bags that were checked all the way through were late to arrive and customers have been forced to spend the week without their personal baggage.

Return Travel

We recommend that customers schedule a connecting flight home no sooner than 3 hours after landing back in the US following your return flight from Manaus.  You will need to gather your baggage, clear customs, etc.  Amazon River Adventures provides the usage of conventional tackle packages, including bait casting and spinning rods, at no charge to you.  This will save considerable time at Customs!  If possible, we recommend reserving the night’s stay at a hotel in the US arrival city and flying home early the next morning. (Our travel affiliate will be happy to assist you with this should you desire.)

  • Inoculations: We advise that you consult your physician or local Health Department’s Travel Clinic and follow their recommendations.  
  • Climate: Manaus, Brazil is located 200 miles south of the equator.  The daylight remains at a constant 12 hours per day with sunrise and sunset at 6 AM and 6 PM, respectively.  The temperature ranges from 60-80 degrees at night to 70-95 degrees during the day.  Although you will be fishing tributaries of the Amazon River during the “dry season”, rain showers are common and some can even last for a full day or more.  Be prepared for weather conditions from hot and dry to wet and windy.

Personal Baggage and Equipment

Clothing: Please note that there is a 35-pound weight restriction (limit of 2 checked bags) on luggage per person due to a limited weight capacity on the charter planes that take you from Manaus to the boat.   The following is a recommended clothing list for your fishing trip to Brazil.  Aboard the yacht, dinner attire is casual and there is free daily laundry service.

  • Hats: (2) baseball-style and/or (1) large-brim fishing hat
  • Raingear: (1) quality breathable rain jacket (rain pants are optional)
  •  Jacket: (1) light weight fishing jacket, pile pullover, or sweater
  •  Shirts: (2) long or short sleeve dress shirts (if you think that you might go out for dinner at a nice restaurant in Manaus) (2-3) T-shirts (1 being long sleeve) (2) flats wear fishing shirts (1 short & 1 long sleeve)
  •  Pants: (2) pair long pants (2) pair fishing or swim-style shorts
  •  Shoes: (1-2) pair sneakers, boat shoes, and/or sandals
  • Repellent: On the Rio Negro there are not many mosquitos you may encounter some during your jungle walks, wasps, bees, salt flies, and other small flying insects that are more annoying at times.
  • Sun- Block: Sun block SPF-45+.
  • Optional: (1-2) bandanas to cover your neck from the sun, BUFF to protect face, neck and ears are very useful, fingerless sun-gloves to protect top of your hand while fishing, ear plugs for small plane ride.


  • Travel Guides: The national language in Brazil is Portuguese.  Your trip to Brazil will be most enjoyable if you will buy a travel Guide for Brazil and/or a Portuguese (Brazilian dialect) language tape and take the time to learn something of the country before your trip.
  • Glasses: (2) pair prescription glasses (1 as a back-up) (2) pairs of sun glasses with keeper straps
  • Photography: All the Santana yachts’ have 110 voltage, the same as in the U.S., so bring your camera and/or video equipment.
  • Medications: Bring those medications that you normally need, i.e. aspirin, Allergy Medication, Band-Aids, suntan lotion (SPF 45+), your prescription drugs, etc. in your carry-on luggage. The Santana yachts all have a well- maintained first-aid kit for everything from sunburn to hook removal. 
  • Allergies: If you know to be allergic to insect sting such as bees/wasp you should carry with you an EPI-Pen for strong allergic reactions to insect stings. 
  • Gratuities: The Guide Service Fee is recommended for each guest at approx. $30 per Guide/ per day or approx. $200/per Guide per week (6-6 ½ fishing days). Recommended yacht staff service fee is a minimum of $200 per guest for the week and divided amongst the entire non-Guide personnel (yacht crew including Captain, housekeeping, cooks, waiters, etc). If you feel a particular staff or Guide member has provided exemplary service to you, and you wish to provide an additional gratuity, please feel free to offer it to them personally. In addition to gratuities, you will need to bring travel money for first day in Manaus, as well as for souvenirs and gifts.


If anyone needs to get in touch with you while you are traveling with us in Brazil, they can call our office at 1-800-398-5837.  Our office is in contact with the yacht with evening check-ins and we can relay any message to you in Brazil very quickly.  If you need to contact someone while you are in Brazil, we have a satellite phone on the boat for customer use.  Our Boat Manager can assist you with using this phone and can also inform you of the current usage rate; however, due to high per minute rates, we recommend renting a satellite phone and bringing this with you if you plan to use the phone often.

Fishing Equipment for Peacock Bass:

For a list of recommended conventional and fly fishing equipment for Peacock Bass, please see the accompanying fishing lists.

Final Payment:

If you have not already sent in your trip deposit of $1,500 to reserve your Santana fishing trip, please do so at this time.  No verbal reservations will be held for over fifteen (15) days. The final payment is due no later than 75 days prior to the departure date of your trip.

If there is anything we can do to assist you in the preparation of your trip to Brazil, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-398-5837.  Enjoy your Peacock Bass fishing trip sailing the “best Liveaboards in the Amazon, Brazil”!


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