Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "included" in my Amazon fishing trip package?

  • FREE conventional tackle packages (includes hard baits, casting and spinning rods)
  • Airport pickup with our English-speaking staff
  • Ground transports to and from airports and hotels per our regular schedule
  • Charter / Float plane service to, and from, fishing destination
  • Cabins - based on double occupancy
  • Air Conditioned internal rooms throughout the vessel and hotels.
  • Daily Laundry Service (no need to over pack)
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Delicious meals, including regional Brazilian dishes and fruits, suited to the American palate.
  • Regional cocktails, hors d´oeuvres, soft drinks, fruit juices, bottled water, beer and wine (Wines are served with Dinner)
  • Guided fishing with our local and extremely knowledgeable, English-speaking Guides (two anglers per boat)
  • Guide-operated boat, outboard, trolling motor and cooler and prepared lunches on fishing days
  • First night´s hotel in Manaus (if applicable)
  • Fishing Licenses

What is "not included" in my Amazon fishing trip package?

Exclusions are as listed:

  • Your commercial/international airfare arriving, and departing, Brazil,
  • Personal expenditures (example shopping and afternoon/evening meal, bar drinks, etc. ) on your “Free Afternoon” within the first day in Manaus, Brazil,
  • Gratuities for the Guides and destination Staff
  • Hotel in Miami awaiting flight into Brazil (if applicable)
  • Extra day hotel stays in Manaus, Brazil or Miami Florida
  • Airport departure taxes (if applicable)
  • Brazilian visa and passport fees (if applicable)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Fly Fishing Equipment

What is the maximum amount of guests that the destinations can accommodate?

  • Araca Safari Camp - up to 8 Guests
  • Santana I - up to 16 Guests
  • Amazon Santana - up to 20 Guests

Is a deposit required with my reservation?

  • Yes. Deposits in the amount of $1500 U.S. per person are due upon booking. Payment is due in full 65 days prior to departure. Your deposit guarantees your trip reservation and all aspects of your trip.

Can I make individual bookings as opposed to group bookings?

  • Yes! We welcome all reservation types. Please keep in mind that all cabins, and hotel reservations included in your package are based on double occupancy. If you are traveling by yourself, there is no need to worry. We will pair you up with someone that is traveling solo as well.

What if I book my trip past the date payment is due in full (65 days prior to departure)?

  • No problem! It can still be reserved as long as #1 payment in full is made at time of booking, and #2 you you have enough time to apply for, and receive, your Brazilian tourist visa (required) and valid passport (if you are not already in possession of one). If you already have a valid passport and Brazilian visa, it’s so very simple. You only have to purchase your airfare and off you go to an awesome week of fishing on the amazing Amazon River.

Which airline do you suggest flying into Manaus, Brazil?

TAM or American Airlines - What's the difference in airline itineraries?

  • TAM AIRLINES offers daily non-stop flights into Manaus. It leaves Miami on a direct flight very early morning (5:30am) arriving Manaus, Brazil around noon. Other direct flights become available from time to time, but at a later arrival time, etc. Our free transports (hotel to airport and return) are based on the TAM flights as well. Regularly scheduled pickups and drop-offs are included in your package. Should you choose to travel with another airline to get into Manaus, Brazil, at a later time than the rest of the regular incoming groups, or if you are staying extra days on the front end or back end of your trip in Manaus please be prepared to taxi over to the Park Suites Hotel at your own expense.
  • AMERICAN AIRLINES offers daily non-stop flights into Manaus. It leaves Miami on a direct flight in the afternoon (5:30pm) arriving Manaus, Brazil around midnight.
  • Araca Safari Camp Guest must arrive in Manaus on Monday to connect with their Tuesday flights to the Araca Camp
  • Santana I - Amazon Santana Guest must arrive in Manaus on Friday to connect with their Saturday flight to the Yachts
  • Guest MUST be in Manaus the night before departure to final destination. 
  • All charter flights depart early the next morning to your final destination from Manaus.

If I want to use a taxi on my free afternoon upon arriving, is it safe?

  • People in Manaus are very hospitable. Manaus is generally a safe city. Please use taxies as they will take the most direct routes, to and from your destinations, and will usually wait to bring you back if you would like. *Always use taxis with “company signs on their doors” if you are down town or go the nearby taxi zone down town. You will see them waiting for clients.

How far in advance should I make airline reservations?

  • If possible, you should make airline reservations immediately upon booking and making your deposit. Do not wait until the last minute. Direct flights from Miami to Manaus are very limited, and the planes usually fly full. Always leave several hours between your arrival in Miami and your departure for Manaus, as well as your return flight back to Miami and homebound. Purchasing your airlines ahead of time ensures better rates and makes it possible to immediately go ahead and apply for your Brazilian visa (you must show proof of purchased airline itinerary and letter from our office to make application for your visa). We have affiliates who can help you if you so desire.

Who makes my airline reservations into Brazil and back?

  • Please note that we have affiliates in place for everything to do with our trips. However, you can feel free to use your own travel agent, book your airline reservations if you are savvy in doing so, or you can use one of our experienced travel affiliates to handle these tasks for you. We recommend using Martin Travel Services to book your airlines and Miami hotel reservations. They are very familiar with our itinerary and always copy us on your reservations, so that we may provide you with a mandatory “Letter of Itinerary” (to assist in applying for your Brazilian visa) along with a copy for our files. Should you wish to use your own, please contact our office at 1.800.398.5837, and we will be happy to help you with the travel dates and times.

Where do I begin when booking a trip?

  • Please call our office at 1.800.398.5837, or email us at to make your reservation. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you and will be as close as a phone call, or email, from the time you book your reservation until the time you leave for your trip. We will provide step-by-step instructions and booking packet information with loads of information about everything you need to know! Should you desire not to handle things on your own, we also have affiliates in place that can take care of all your travel needs and process travel visas in an expedited manner!
  • The steps are:
    • Call our office for availability and choose your trip week.
    • Book your reservation and send in your deposit within 10 days of booking.
    • Purchase your airlines.
    • Apply for a Passport and Brazilian visa (if you do not already have one)
    • Purchase your travel insurance should you desire (optional)
    • Send payment in full 75 days prior to departure
    • Pack your Bags and get ready for the "Fishing Trip of a Lifetime"!

How many days should I expect to be gone?

TAM: Please see below, the summarized version of a sample trip week:

  • DAY 1: Fly from your home city to Miami, Florida. Overnight in Miami Int’l Airport.
  • DAY 2: Direct flight from Miami to Manaus, Brazil (Free afternoon and inclusive hotel stay)
  • DAY 3: Charter flight to fishing destination, set sail to fishing grounds, rest/relax OR ½ extra day fishing
  • DAY 4 – 9: (6) Full Days Fishing.
  • DAY 10: Charter back to Manaus. Depart for Miami, FL., then onward to connecting flight home.

*Depending on your connecting flight home, you may, or may not, need to overnight in Miami again*

 AMERICAN: Please see below, the summarized version of a sample trip week:

  • DAY 1: Fly from your home city, connect in Miami, and onward to Manaus, Brazil arriving same day.
  • DAY 2: Charter flight to fishing destination, set sail to fishing grounds, rest/relax OR ½ extra day fishing
  • DAY 3 – 8: (6) Full Days Fishing.
  • DAY 9: Charter back to Manaus. Free day. Traveler prepares for a late night check-in at airport. 
  • DAY 10: Depart for Miami FL. between 12:05am and 1:00am, then connecting flight home.

Who will pick me up at the airport and how will know who they are?

  • Amazon River Adventures is involved with English-speaking representatives and management that will be waiting for you at Customs. They should be wearing apparel with our logo on it and holding up a sign with Amazon River Adventures on it. Also, there is a trip form that is mandatory you fill out upon booking your reservation that lets us know your information as well as your passport number. Our representative has this pertinent information and already knows your name, your flight #, time of arrival, and everything our office staff has prepared them for. You will also be pre-registered at the hotel by this informational sheet from our office. At this time, your luggage will be loaded onto our vehicle and off you will go to your hotel for a relaxing afternoon at the beautiful resort hotel. Our representatives will help you with unloading everything and getting you situated. Once you are in Manaus, Brazil, you have nothing to worry about. We’ve got you! The only thing you have to worry about at this point is catching BIG FISH and having the most exciting time of your life!
Do I need to schedule the charter flight within Brazil?
  • Charter flights are “included” in your trip package. Amazon River Adventures makes those arrangements as part of our service and at no extra cost to you. We also transport our guests to, and from, the airport.

What are the rules regarding the charter flight’s luggage restrictions?

  • You are allowed (2) bags per traveler, and there is a total luggage weight restriction of 38 lbs. per person on the charter flight taking you to, and from, the vessel. We realize that commercial airlines allow more, however, there is no storage place for storing any additional gear until you return back to Manaus should you be overweight on luggage. Also, we return you directly back to the airport the following week Saturday. There is no stopping place to pick your overweight gear up, unless you preplanned to stay extra days on your return to Manaus. If that be the case, the hotel will be more than happy to assist you with storing your extra luggage while away. NOTE: If you wish to make jewelry store purchases at the hotel’s fine jewelry stores, the store manager can arrange to keep your purchases in their safe and meet you at the airport prior to your departure.

Do I need a Brazilian visa?

  • Yes. We do know that if you are an American, or Canadian, visitor you will need a Brazilian visa to enter this beautiful country. For any other citizenship, please check the Brazilian Consulate’s website to inquire whether you need one or not. Brazilian visas are required and can be obtained easily through Brazilian consulates, and we have affiliate passport and visa expeditors to help you should you want them to take care of it for you (an additional fee is involved for this). When you make a reservation, we’ll send you an updated information sheet about where and how to apply (it changes from time to time).
  • PLEASE NOTE: The “90 day out waiting rule” as to how soon you can apply for your visa has been lifted. You can apply for your visa “anytime” after you have reserved your flights!
  • Please folow link to Passport/Visa  for more information.

Is it safe to eat meals anywhere in Manaus, other than the hotel we stay at upon arriving Manaus, Brazil?

  • Please ask us ahead of time prior to your trip for a recommendation of restaurants if you are going to scouting out on your own (we suggest you take a guide from the hotel with you or ask our management who transports you to assist you with this). *Please be aware that you are taking a risk when eating street vendor or outside market food, and we do not recommend this. However, there are several great restaurants and sites that are great to visit while in the city.

How do I know if I need immunizations to travel to Brazil?

  • Ask your personal healthcare physician first before you take anything. Your doctor is the only one who can tell you if you have any risks, due to your health status, in taking any suggested immunizations. The Brazilian Government, and the U.S. Center for Disease Control, recommends that visitors from North American countries to Brazil, especially to the Amazon region, have a yellow fever vaccination. It is not required, however, unless you have been in certain countries prior to visiting Brazil. It is also recommended, but not required, that you take an antimalarial drug.
  • While these recommendations may seem a bit alarming, note that they are precautionary advisements. Most of our guests get a yellow fever vaccination (good for ten years), and roughly half of them take an antimalarial drug (available through prescription) as a precaution. To read about current U.S. State Department travel warnings and public announcements, including travelers health advisories, see and
  • *Note: Mosquitos find it very hard to live on the black tannic waters of the Rio Negro in which we normally fish. It makes our fishing trips much more pleasurable. However, if you find yourself wandering onto a shoreline, or in the rainforest, you may run across the little “no see-ums” and they just need a little insect repellent and off they go!

Do you provide conventional fishing rods and lures for your guests?

  • We sure do! We provide FREE tackle packages including lures, reels, bait casting and spinning rods for your convenience. No need to drag around heavy equipment through airports and paying extra baggage fees. It also helps avoid the occasional hold-up through Customs due to fishing equipment checks.
Can I bring my own tackle if I choose to?
  • Please feel free to bring your own tackle if you so desire Tackle Info. However, there is no need to do so, as we have everything you need in your FREE tackle package for conventional fishing, including bait casting and spinning rods. Even though we provide your tackle packages for your convenience, most people tend to bring their own reels in their carry-on luggage.

Do you provide Fly Fishing Gear?

  • We do not, however, carry fly fishing gear on board at this time. We ask that you bring your own fly gear should you want to tempt those Peacocks with some flies. Fly Fishing Tackle Amazon River Adventures wants each and every customer to feel confident in the gear we provide. Therefore, we carry professional, top-of-the-line gear on board for your "Trip of a Lifetime".

Are soft baits recommended for Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing?

  • You bet! In fact, there are soft baits on board for purchase, or if you like, you can bring your own. Those Peacocks can really tear up those jigs!

Are converters necessary for electric outlets on the vessels or at the hotel?

  • Hotels: All hotels in Manaus most outlets are on a 220vlt current. Guest should bring convertes for U.S electronic devices which are 110vlt rated. 
  • It is up to you whether or not you bring a universal converter (inexpensive and easy to acquire).
  • Destinations: Converters are not necessary on the vessels. They are fully equipped to handle your electric needs during your stay. 

Is there an emergency communication device on the ship?

  • Yes, we have a satellite phone on the vessels for your convenience. We always want our customers to feel secure in knowing that in case there is a business, or family emergency, they can communicate with each other. Please ask the Boat Manager as to the small fee charged but it is approximately $3.00 U.S. per minute for usage. Some of our guests bring a satellite phone with them, and you are welcome to do so, although it is not necessary. Always leave our toll free number with your family and office members.

Is there internet service on the vessel and at the hotel?

  • There is internet service at the hotel; however, there is no internet access at the fishing operations. Please remember we are in the Amazon, however, and we are in very remote areas a lot of the time.

What happens if a medical emergency occurs?

  • Our vessels have emergency kits and medical supplies on board for the usual cuts, scrapes, sunburns, unsuspected contact with fishing hooks, etc. We also have a medical assistant, or nurse, on board our operations. The fishing boats are equipped with VHF marine radios that communicate with the ship in case of emergency. There is also a Satellite phone on board. As we have never had a life-threatening emergency to be the case, we do have access to emergency float planes that can transport you back to the city (we haven’t had this happen as yet and hope we never do). We recommend everyone purchase travel insurance immediately after booking (your timely purchase of insurance provides a “waiver” to pre-existing conditions that might otherwise not be covered). This insurance contains Medical Evacuation as well as trip cost replacement packages. Please call our office for a quote, or you may feel free to purchase this on your own.

Is bottled water provided on the vessel and in the hotel restaurant?

  • Yes. Our dining room, your cabin, and anytime during the day on the ship, or while fishing, we always provide plenty of bottled water for our guests. It is important you stay hydrated in the heat while out fishing and with meals. Our guides fill their coolers with ice, bottled water, and other beverages of your choice every time they leave the mother ship to go fishing.

Is tap water okay to brush my teeth and shower with?

  • We suggest you use bottled water to brush your teeth with which is always in your reach within your cabin. However, feel free to shower with the normal shower water, and although we have never had a problem with the shower water and just as an extra precaution, try to keep your mouth closed while enjoying your refreshing shower.

Do travelers get motion sickness on the vessels?

  • As far as we know, we have never had anyone get motion sickness due to the stability of the vessels. The waterways we travel are usually very calm, and land is usually within sight.

How do I communicate if I don’t speak the language?

  • Portuguese is the language of Brazil. It is similar to Spanish, but somewhat different. If you know Spanish, you can communicate pretty well with them. Our Boat Manager speaks fluent English, as well does our Staff that meets you at the airport. Most of the hotel administration is fluent in English as well. Your Guides will be able to understand you and you will be able to understand their words as they know sufficient words to inform you of what they want you to do or where to cast. We also provide you a quick-tip translation sheet, should you desire, that has everything you need to communicate with staff and Guides. You will feel comfortable in realizing how much English they can speak and understand from you.

What should I do if I have a problem while on your trip?

  • Speak directly with our Boat Manager. He will help solve any issues you may have and is very discrete in doing so.

What if I am coming along, but I do not fish?

  • This is no problem at all. We have people come along just for sight-seeing the Amazon from our Observation Deck up top, sunbathing, having one of our Guides, or boat staff, take you for an amazing eco tour you will not soon forget. Take a rainforest walk, a jungle tour, visit a village and see how the locals live in their daily lives. The sweet and playful “Botu” (pink dolphin) love to have you feed them fish and play with them. Sometimes, depending on the water levels, you can often spot different species of monkeys leaping from tree to tree, while taking in the wonders of the flora and fauna of the Amazon itself. If you’re up for piranha hand fishing, bring a camera. These photos are always a great topic of conversation! It’s a place you will want to revisit in the future and one you will miss when you return home. It’s a very relaxing time for non-anglers, with air-conditioned rooms where you can read, watch movies on the TV, go for a boat ride, and at night ask the guide to take you “Caiman spotting”. The sounds of the Amazon are exquisite in the mornings and at night (not to mention the absolutely magnificent Amazon sunsets).

Can I bring my children fishing with me?

  • Yes! We really enjoy having families come along with us on our Peacock Bass Fishing Adventures. It is a great time on the vessel when children are with us, and our staff loves to show them things they have never seen before, and have them experience the Amazon first hand with them. We do suggest, however, that your child be old enough to handle the variety of things that surround them and times of travel. We hear countless stories of kids who fish the Amazon with their parents taking their tales and photos back to the classroom, where even the teacher is intrigued and asking the student questions!

Are Men and Women welcome to fish together on the same trip?

  • Absolutely. Everyone is respected and our Guides give the same treatment to both genders. Our lady anglers never worry about having a bathroom when you’re out fishing with a male guide, as he will find you a safe and secure place ashore or bring you back to the vessel. He does the same for the guys. Whether you are an avid angler or just a beginner, please note that some of our largest catches have been from first-time casters! This is a “terrific” couple’s trip, and neither male, nor female, has to feel they must fish all day if they wish not to. Fish at your leisure or tackle those Peacocks all day long if you like. Our goal for you is to have a terrific time whatever you do.

Is my Fishing License included in my trip package?

  • Yes, it is included in your package and is valid for 12 months. You can use it during your return trip the next year as long as it is within the 12 month period of purchase *Anglers 65 years or older are not required to obtain a fishing license.*

Do you allow Women’s Angling Trips?

  • Yes, you bet we do! In fact, we encourage both conventional and fly fishing ladies’ trips. Get your group ready, we’ll have everything in place, and you’re set! It’s a fun and fantastic time on the water when all the ladies get together – and don’t forget to pack that special form we provide you, to keep up with your biggest catch. The world record might just be right there in your hands! Our Guides are very respectful and want you to be safe and comfortable, so just let them know if you have the need for the bathroom, and they will secure a place on shore for you that will give you privacy.

Am I safe while being on vessels and in remote areas?

  • We have not had any concerns with safety on our fishing boats in the areas in which we fish. Our boats are equipped with VHF Marine Radios. Our vessels are supervised 24 hours a day. Usually, when traveler alerts are broadcast around the world, they are normally at borders such as the Columbian/Brazilian or Peruvian borders. These are not the areas in which we are traveling. We find the indigenous people to be extremely hospitable, and we have obtained permits for the areas in which we are visiting and fishing. We have the benefit of local guides that travel with us and are very knowledgeable of the regions we visit. Most grew up in the areas in which we fish and visit. They always visit the villages first for permission to come in, and if they sense negativity towards the idea, we fully respect this. We also always try to find a way to “give back” to the hospitality that is given us. Please do not litter within the rainforest or Amazon waterways. Upon visiting any villages, or while out on the water, please respect the indigenous ways of the friendly locals, their way of life and their traditions.

Is it allowed to bring items, or treats, for the local residents?

  • We know how tempting it is to take candy and sweet treats to the children of the indigenous areas, however, if you would like to treat them to something, we prefer that you bring items such as toys, clothing, school supplies, or educational type contributions, as we do not want to contribute to the dental issues that are usually a problem in these areas. We appreciate “everything” our guests give to the locals and what you do for them. We also realize the gift in giving. Should you want to donate your time, or use your talents of your profession to help with medical, educational, or spiritual, please speak with our Boat Manager, and they can put you in contact with the organization and its staff.

How much cash should I bring?

  • It is up to you, but you should probably bring around $600 per person. Most everywhere you go in the city, i.e. hotel, sightseeing, shopping, jewelry stores, etc. will accept credit cards from you. Please make sure you have enough cash, whether it is in U.S. or the Brazilian Real to tip your Guides and vessel Staff (see tipping recommendation). If you wish, you may exchange your dollars for the Brazilian currency which is the Real (pronounced Ree-al ) or Reais (pronounced Hay-eyes) at the airports, hotel, or outside source.
  • You will get the best exchange rates using your ATM card at the airport and hotels. All you have to do is inform your local bank you will be using it outside the country, and the duration of your stay, so there will be no fraud alerts on your account. Look for the 24-HR BRADESCO (RED ATM’s). These machines will accept most all American ATM VIsa cards. This way you will get the best exchange rate with no need to visit exchange houses. Just ask our representatives for assistance. ATM Visa cards can also be used in all shops now, unless you are purchasing items from the street venders who sell crafts, especially in small towns or villages. Guests like to purchase local hand carved ores from the natives on the rivers, and as you can probably guess, you won’t see any of the ATM’s out on the river and indigenous areas.

What type foods are prepared for the week’s menu?

  • Should you have any special dietary needs or if you have any food allergies, the trip form that you will return to us will alert us of this ahead of time. **You should always reiterate your food allergies to the cook staff when you arrive** Our Chefs, as well as the experienced staff, prepare and serve excellent food on all vessels. Our menu consists of meats, vegetables, fruits, and fish, served with fine wine. Our guests delight in the “Piranha soup” as it is considered a delicacy amongst the Brazilians, along with the delectable Tambaqui, Tucunare, Pacu, and Catfish when available.

What is a “Shore Lunch”?

  • A Shore lunch is prepared on green sticks made the Amazon Style. During one of your fishing days with us (usually in the first few days or during the last days) your guides will get the group together and meet on the river to prepare a genuine Amazon shore lunch. Guest catch the lunch, and guides will prepare it for you. Shore lunches can be made in separate groups, or the entire group, which makes it a genuine experience and lots of fun. Take into consideration it will take about 2hrs out of your fishing. However, this is an unforgettable experience for all our guests, and you will not regret being a part of it. It’s a great time to be had by all!

Do we fish from the vessel?

  • No, you will be fishing from our American-designed, Tracker 70 HP bass boats. These boats come equipped with bow-mounted electric trolling motors, as well as VHF marine radios. You will fish 2 anglers to a boat plus one Guide. Every boat leaves the vessel with enough supply of cold beverages and a packed lunch within a cooler to keep you hydrated and fed during your day out of fishing. You may return to the vessel for lunch, taking a break from the sun, and return to fishing later in the day after a quick nap. However, feel free to stay out all day if you wish. If you are returning for lunch, please alert the Chef or kitchen staff so they can have something ready for you upon your mid-day return. We have customers who enjoy doing both, so make yourself at home, as it “is” your home during your trip week, and we love having you with us!

What do I do with my personal valuables while out fishing?

  • You can leave your personal items on board with management or onboard safe which are very reliable. We have had no problems in the past with security issues regarding our guests’ personal items.

What determines the best times to fish the Amazon and which month is best?

  • Our season usually begins in late August and ends somewhere late February or first week of March. These months are chosen due to water levels being lower than the rest of the year. We begin fishing in the Rio Madeira (south of Manaus) in the lower water levels and around the last week in September, we begin navigating upward into the Rio Negro (north of Manaus and into the Barcelos areas, its intimate lagoons, and tributaries) as long as good water levels permit.
  • As you can imagine, we cannot predict the weather, but it is typical to rise quickly and lower itself quickly throughout the season. Lower water levels is best to fish due to it bringing the fish further out into the area in which you are fishing. The higher water and big rains flood the river and rainforest pushing them into the brush and vegetation making it more difficult to get those lures in there and bringing them in. Don’t worry, however – should that happen, the Guides love a good dip in the water!

Where in the Amazon do you fish?

  • Most anglers do not realize that the region in which we fish is only a few degrees south of the Equator. We normally start fishing the southern waters of where you fly into (Manaus) which is on the Rio Madeira River usually in August, and work our way up into the northern waters onto the Rio Negro (black, tannic water system) around last week in September or first week in October. We will fish through the last week in February or the first week in March if the water levels hold out for us. This will end our season. The Rio Madeira is more of a “stick river” with a totally different look than the Rio Negro. The Rio Negro is called the “black river” due to its colouration and its very tannic/acidic water. GREAT NEWS – mosquitoes are not a worry on this river due to the acidic nature of the water. The Rio Negro has more of the “lush vegetation” and more like what you have seen on TV, when you think of the Amazon. Both rivers have an abundance in Peacock Bass, however, the Rio Negro contains many more tributaries, hidden lagoons, and beautiful lakes where those “Monster Peacocks” love to call home.

Is it possible to fish for other species other than Peacock Bass?

  • We pride ourselves in providing First-Class, Sportfishing Adventures for the well sought after “Amazon Peacock Bass”! You already know that the Amazon Waterways hold over 3,000 species of freshwater fish. From Payara, Arawana, Piranha, to gigantic Amazon Catfish and many more, you’ll really get a kick out of seeing the different species of fish that jump on those lures. If you’d like to specifically fish for those big Amazon Cats, just let our Guides and Boat Manager know, and they’ll prepare what you need to go after those big boys! Use a variety of lures from our tackle package provided to you, along with some jigs that can be brought from home or purchased on board, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of fish you can tackle in one week. DON’T FORGET THE CAMERA!

What are the types of Peacock Bass I may be able to catch?

  • The Royal which is the fish with the black bars running top to bottom, the Paca which is speckled, the Butterfly which is normally mid-sized, and the Popoca which is a smaller peacock.

Do your Guides come from the region and do they speak English?

  • Yes, our Guides speak enough English for you to understand what they are telling you about fishing. They also understand a significant amount of English when spoken to them. We will provide you a translation sheet if you wish to carry one with you that provides all the words you would need to ask for anything while fishing. You will have 2 anglers per boat plus 1 Guide for the week. Our Guides are the best fishing Guides in the Amazon. They are extremely knowledgeable of the areas in which we fish and have been guiding these waters for many years. They know everything there is to know about catching Monster Peacocks, they are not afraid of hard work, and their goal is to make sure you have the time of your life!

What is the world record for the Amazon Peacock Bass?

  • The new, all tackle world record weighed in at 29.1 lbs. and was a Speckled Peacock Bass caught by Brazilian angler, Andrea Zaccherini off the upper Rio Negro River tributaries/lagoons in which we fish.

Can we keep our fish or is it specifically “Catch-and-Release”?

  • We practice the catch-and-release. Keeping your catch is prohibited by the Brazilian law. However, at times, the staff may keep some of the smaller fish to prepare on board for the dinner menu. Bring your camera and take good photos of your BIG FISH for a replica mount to be made. We can recommend a taxidermy company in the U.S. who, not only provides excellent work on your mounts, they have been filmed on the Discovery Channel, and have fished on the Santana trips for many years. They are, as well, a Safari and fishing outfitter themselves. They are well known by hard core anglers for their immaculate work in taxidermy.

What should I bring besides fishing gear?

  • A camera and sunscreen of course! Bring your favorite pair of binoculars, a pair of good gripping gloves, and a handheld GPS if you have one, but it is not necessary. When you pack, try to bring fishing apparel that pulls the moisture away from the body, lightweight, and if you wish, shirts with fabric that has UVB protection. You may wish to bring wide-brim hats to keep the sun off your shoulders, and neck-flap, fishing hats to keep the sun off your back of your neck while out for the day. Please see our Packing Suggestion List: Pre Trip Document

What is the recommended tipping policy for guides and Staff?

  • GUIDES: We recommend that each guest tip their Guide approximately $30 per Guide, per day. This calculates to approximately $195 per Guide per week for 6 ½ days fishing from each guest. *If your Guide has provided exemplary service to you, and you wish to tip him above the recommended amount, please do it in a private manner away from the other Guides and Staff.
  • ONBOARD STAFF: Our recommended vessel staff gratuity is a minimum of $200 per guest for the week, and is divided between the entire vessel crew. These guys and gals work extremely hard for you round the clock during your stay and are happy to do so. The crew includes the captain, cooks, waiters, maids, bartender, etc.: all non-guide personnel. In addition to gratuities, you will need to bring travel money for your personal day in Manaus, as well as for souvenirs and gifts. Again, If you feel that a particular staff/guide member has provided exemplary service to you and wish to provide an additional gratuity, please feel free to offer it to them personally. Please do not present any gratuities that you wish to give the Guides, and Boat Staff, in Traveler’s Checks.

Where do I meet the Ship?

  • Our ships go where the best fishing for Peacock Bass is. Prime fishing areas change according to time of year and water levels, which is why a moveable live-aboard mother ship is far better than a permanent land-based lodge. The mother ship will be several hundred miles south on the Madeira and you will take a short flight from Manaus to Autazes, or it will be several hundred miles north on the Rio Negro and you will take a short flight from Manaus to Barcelos or Santa Isabel. The flights are between 40 and 90 minutes long. We’ll put you on a chartered plane (at no extra cost), and take you from the final airport to the mother ship, which leaves immediately for the best fishing areas. The mother ship returns to the same port six days later.

What happens when the mother ship returns to port?

  • YACHT: You will sleep on the vessel when the ship docks back at port on Friday night. Early Saturday morning, you will be transported via charter flight immediately back to the Manaus International Airport to await your mid-afternoon departure flight back to Miami. 
  • SAFARI CAMP: You will sleep on the vessel Monday night. Early Tuesday morning, you will be transported via charter float plane flight immediately back to the Manaus International Airport to await your mid-afternoon departure flight back to Miami. 
  • Your return home schedule will depend on your airlines schedule between TAM and AMERICAN Airlines. They both have different arrival and departure schedule.
  • *Please make sure you have enough time to catch your connecting flight homebound, else you will need to overnight again in Miami to await your connecting flight the following day for all TAM flights.
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